This document contains the General Contract Conditions (from now on Conditions) to regulate the use of this website and its respective sales. This conditions establish the rights and obligations both for the owner of the website, ALLPLAY S. L. (from now on Seller or Us), and the buyer (from now  on Client or You) in relation to the products/services we're offering through this website. As a result, the client must read this conditions before using the site.
This conditions could be modified at any time, so the client must read them before buying. Should this happen, we will apply the conditions that are published at the moment of the purchase. This conditions will adjust to the current legislation.             
If you have another question related with the purchase process or our private policy you can take a look at our webpage or contact us through our contact form.
Seller: ALLPLAY S.L., owner of the website
Owner Company: ALLPLAY S.L
Address: c/ Miguel de Unamuno nº2 2ºA (Zamora)
Contact details: Pol. Ind. la Hiniesta Ampliación
Calle Nava con Calle Artiga nave 4
Complejo Empresarial la Hiniesta
49024 Zamora (España)
Client: We'll consider client every person on the website that buys something and accepts the conditions at the moment of the purchase. As a client, you accept you'll use the website to make legal consults or purchases, not fake or dishonest ones. Should this happen, we are capable of cancelling it. In addition, you must register in order to buy and, by doing so, you give us personal details that we might use to contact you in case of need (somthing wrong happened with the order). That personal details will be your name and surname, National ID or VAT Number, billing address, shipping address, phone number and email (read Privacy Policy). By ordering in our site, you confirm you are over 18 years old and you are capable of making binding contracts.


Prices of the website, marked in euros, does include our national VAT, without including the shipping cost. Price of the products will be the one marked on our website, except where we could have make a mistake. In that case, should we discover a mistake in the price of one (or various) of the products you ordered, we'll contact you to give you the option of confirming the order with the right price or cancelling it. If we can't contact you, we'll consider the order cancelled and we'll give you your money back in case you would have made the payment by then.
Anyway, we're not obliged to send you the product (or products) at the wrong price even if you would have honestly recognized it as a fair price. Prices could change at any time, but (except in cases mentioned before) possible changes wouldn't accept completed orders.
Final price will appear everytime a client includes any product on the shopping basket and he/she might check the price of the product/s added before confirming the purchase. Our website will also show the final price including the shipping costs, that may vary depending on the region/country or the payment method selected. As a result, the client will know exactly final costs and prices before confirming the order once he/se has selected the country/region and the payment method.


According to current legislation, every purchase made on the site is subject to the national VAT. European buyers with intranational ID won't have to pay the spanish VAT. In order to receive this discount/refund, they must send a copy of the document to Non-European clients (including there Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands buyers) won't have to pay the spanish VAT as well, but have to take care of the possible additional custom costs that could be added on destiny, as we won't be responsible of these costs.
General Contract Conditions will apply on other international purchases, except those in which this legislation would be different to the legislation of the client´s country.


We won't book products just because someone has made an order. We will book products once we have received the payment for them. Regarding that, we advice you to pay your order as son as possible to guarantee the proper shipping of the purchased products.
We offer the following payment options to our clients:

  • Bank Transfer: Once you have completed your order, you can pay it in advance by bank transfer. In order to do that, you can print our bank account details and just state the number of your order while making the payment (Eg.- ORDER 77). These are the details of the bank account in which the client has to make the payment: CAJA RURAL DE ZAMORA 3085-0070-96-2230238723 In any case, we start processing our orders once we have received the payment, not once the payment has been made by the buyer. If by then the stock of the ordered products has changed, the client has the right to cancel the order if he/she is not satisfied according to the point CANCELLING ORDERS. We expect bank transfers to be made in two days from the purchase, so if we don't receive the payment in two days, we will consider the order cancelled.
  • Credit Card: By selecting this payment option, you will go through a safe payment gateaway that will allow you to pay with safety with your credit card.
  • Paypal: By selecting this payment option, you will go through a safe payment gateaway ruled by Paypal, that will allow  you to pay with safety.
  • Cash On Delivery (COD): We don't accept COD as a payment option for international purchases.

We have the right to increase or decrease these payment options which, in any case, will be selected by the client among all the payment options availables at the moment of the purchase.


We have up to 30 days to process the order from the moment you have confirmed it. We will find the products in our store or in our supplier's store in order to provide you the products you bought as soon as possible and, if we can't find one, we will arrange with a third party the bought of the product for you.
As mentioned before, if we can't provide you one or various products, we will contact you to offer you the possibility of receiving your money back or receiving a similar product of the same or higher quality. To do that, we have up to 30 days too.
In that particular case, you will have the opportunity to return the goods without additional charges.


Shipping and delivery of the orders will depend on the availability of the product/s included on the order, but we always try to ship the orders on a 3 day delivery basis from the moment we receive the payment.
Our webpage offers both graphic and written information, being this one not binding. This information might change, but will allways keep the essential characteristics of the product.
Our site offers guidance availabilty information on every product. We have stock of many products in our store, but there are also some products that are in our retailers' stores and, this way, our stock information might be out of date, though increasing the time of delivery.
Anyway, that delay in delivery won't mean we are going to refund some money to the buyer, instead he/she will have the option to cancel the order. Any penalty clause introduced by the buyer will have no effect and both parties renounce to bring any action in lost profits claim.
Products will be delivered at the address selected by the buyer at the moment of the purchase. This information will be added to the delivery order information by the shipping company together with the number of packages, the total weight and the number of order. In addition, an invoice will be added to the packaging for the client.
If during delivery the buyer notices, without removing the packaging, that products could be damaged during shipment or that there might have been an error with a product, he/she must mention it on the delivery order and, he/she has up to 24 hours to contact us via email ( or through our contact form to opt to receive a refund or a new product to substitute the damaged one.
Once we have tested out the returned product, we'll contact the buyer by mail to confirm the refund, the substitution, or to give information for a non refund/substitution of the product. That refund or substitution will be made as soon as possible in no more than 30 days from the date in which we would have sent the confirmation mail.


The client might, in any case, cancel an order. That cancellation could be unilateral (he/she has to pay any costs) or based on a mutual agreement (he/she doesn't have to pay any costs).
That mutual agreement will be based on the following cases:

  • If the state of the order is "PENDING". We still haven't asked our retailers any product.
  • If we exceeded delivery time and we are not about to receive from our retailers the products of the order soon.
  • If a product is out of stock and we're not going to have in stock ever again. In that particular case, we will contact the client to keep him/her posted.

In the cases mentioned above, the only way to arrange a cancellation of the order is by sending a mail to asking for a cancellation, stating the reasons on it. We will check the mail and, if everything's ok, we will proceed with cancellation, thus the client having no additional costs. We, as a seller, are committed to refund the money of the order as soon as possible in the cases in which the client would have paid in advance.
If it's the client who decides to cancel the order, he/she must write a mail to giving us information for the cancellation. We will then give the client a cancellation code with the detailed cancellation costs.
In case of a cancellation, we always send the client the mentioned code by mail. Is this code what gives the client the proper information that we hace accepted his/her request. If the client doesn't get this cancellation code, we will not consider the cancellation. If you, as a client, have requested a cancellation, you must demand the code once this cancellation request has been accepted, as we will not consider the cancellation without the code.


The legal warranty framework eases the client's options to ask for a substitution or a repair if the goods bought are faulty or don't have the quality required, except when this substitution or repair is impossible or disproportionate. When a repair or a substitution is not possible, the client could ask for a discount or a total refund. The client has up to two years from the moment of the purchase to use this right. In order to use the warranty, the client must contact us by mail ( with the following details: name of the bill holder, order number, bill number and causes for a warranty use.
Our responsibility by lack of conformity of the goods will last for 2 years since the delivery of the goods. The client must contact us in no more than 2 months from the moment he/she noticed the problem.
Anyway, we're not willing to accept repairs or substitutions when the goods have been abused or not correctly used by the client.

In any case it accepts any return of a product already used.


The client has up to 14 days to withdrawal the order that start once he/she receives the goods.
If the client asks for a withdrawal, we are obliged to refund the money, but we might ask a quantity for the expenses. We are committed to make the refund as soon as possible and in no more than 30 days from the moment he/she asks for a refund.


The present information and details on the site are not an offer to sell, but to do business. There won't be a contract between you and us until you accept it by making an order and, subsequently, accepting the General Conditions.
Once the client makes an order, he/she formalizes a purchase contract with us, then acquiring rights and commitments established in the legal regulation and in this particular general terms and conditions.
You, as a client, are committed to read this document carefully before ordering and, by doing so, you agree to respect and pay the accorded prices in time.
Again, as a client, you have the right to receive the products according to the conditions agreed and in perfect condition, to receive a refund if we can provide you the goods you acquired, and to cancel the order as explained before.
We are committed to offer the products in perfect conditions in the address previously accorded, not being responsible of non-deliveries when it belongs to something out of our control, and we are committed to respect and keep the accorded price when the client made the order.
We, as a seller, have the right to receive the payment in time, to modify the content of the site, to change delivery times in case of unavailability, and, at any time, to change and adapt the general conditions, being always visible in the site and affecting only orders made after the change has taken place. Finally, we have the right to cancel any order in case of a non-payment and to cancel the web page at any time.


For notifications, requirements or further contact, the address of the seller will be the one stated on the General Conditions.


Even though a clause is marked as invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the clauses are still valid.